HOLLY WALCK KOSTURA is a Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher who taught herself how to practice Yoga at home and has maintained a daily, devoted practice across two decades of life.

During her fifteen-plus years of teaching Yoga to students at her own center and others around the world, she heard them express a sincere desire to have their own personal practice and saw them struggle to develop it into reality.

She wrote this book so that all might have the opportunity to experience the sweet nectar of Yoga.

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Your Year of Yoga: Learning to Love Practice inspires and empowers its readers to establish and maintain a skillful, personal Yoga practice in their own home. Āsana (postures) and Prāṇāyāma (breathing) are woven into four sections of practice for Beginners.

The reader will learn to have a successful and consistent home practice that will support them in the life-long practice of navigating the changing nature of life. Simple modifications and alternatives to the poses are offered for bodies that experience stiffness, knee, hip, low back, neck and shoulder issues and menstruation. Restorative sequences are provided for days when the reader is unable to do an active practice.

Teachers of Yoga will use the sequences to progress their beginning level students through the first level of practice. By practicing the modifications given for each pose in the laboratory of their own practice, teachers will learn how to accommodate students with common conditions into their general classes.

The bedrock of Yoga is its philosophy. Each section includes a study guide of Yoga philosophy to help the reader learn how to live a Yogic life.