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Yoga for Men, Part II: Closed Twists

Dear Male Yogis,

Last month, in Yoga for Men, Part I: Forward Bends, we learned a sequence that shines some light on poses that are both challenging and necessary for men’s bodies to practice. We started the process of stretching the muscle groups around the hips, low back, and backs of the thighs. I hope you learned something about the way your body stands, sits, and bends forward. [continue reading …]



Yoga for That (Nagging, Aching) Pain in Your Butt

There are some things in life that we cannot change and others that we can. I recently moved to a new state and learned that if I want to register my car in said new state I HAVE to get a new driver’s license. This feels like a pain in the butt since I just got a new license less than a year ago. However, the DMV has its rules, and I cannot change them, so I will take my two valid forms of ID, wait in line for several hours, and smile for the camera. [continue reading …]

Hips Hips Hooray! Yoga to Release the Hips and Low Back

Published on May 19, 2014 on Huffington Post.

The warm weather has finally arrived, and the walkers, runners, hikers, bikers, golfers, surfers, car washers, and gardeners are out in droves! During this–dare I say “magical” (think fireflies lighting up your backyard)–time of year … continue reading.